What Does “JPEG” Mean?

There are many different digital image formats which each have differences, images quality and purposes. The most commenly used format using the lossy compression method is JPG. The compression of the image can be modified which allows a tradeoff inbetween the image quality and the size of the image. JPG is short for JPEG which […]


Use of Ethernet

The Ethernet is a computer networking technology for Local Area Networks (LAN). It has been commercially available since 1980 and has been replacing most of the competing wired LAN standards. People use the Ethernet everyday without knowing that they do so. Most of the people using it will not even know what Ethernet really is. […]


LAN parties

Online gaming is very popular these days but there is also an alternative to gaming online. LAN parties are still very popular. During a LAN party the participants connect their computers or laptops via a LAN cable so that they can interact in the game with each other. LAN parties can either be private or […]


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